I moved to Santa Barbara when I was 19 and the world was fresh before me. After finishing school, getting married, running a full time business and having two beautiful babies my body started to feel run down. I read book after book educating myself on the needs of the body. Finally when conventional nutrition standards failed me I decided to make it simple. Our bodies are made to thrive on fresh whole fruits and vegetables. That’s it. Nothing fancy. After years of struggle with skin, hormones, mood and depression this is what finally worked. Now I have energy to trail run and hike, smooth soft skin, healthy hair and nails, clear and joyful mind ... the glow. 

Your journey may not look exactly the same as mine, but I have created this space to inspire you toward beautiful fruits and vegetables as well as offer you all the resources you need in Santa Barbara to achieve your own glow! If you are interested in collaborating, or anything else please contact me through the site or at!

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