"T o  t h o s e  w h o  d r e a m,
t h e r e  i s  n o  s u c h  p l a c e  a s  f a r a w a y. "
- R a c h e l  A s h w e l l

I am an artist and creative living with my husband and two babes in Southern Oregon, with a light filled and delicate aesthetic. Photography is such a beautiful art. I am humbled and grateful to see the world through the lens of my camera. I thrive on the simple elegance of life with room for breathing and savoring. And details draw me in every time.

I am currently taking an extended break from wedding and portrait clients to focus on art cards, simple living, my darling children (Ella and Zach), our four chickens (Miss Lily, Juliet, Coo Coo and Remmy) and one fluffy bunny (Timber).

Please visit the SHOP for cards and prints (coming soon). 10 % of proceeds go directly to Gospel for Asia, a beautiful ministry that enables women, men and families to not only survive, but thrive.

Feel free to contact me at info@megfish.com!

You can view my blog for recent posts HERE.