"T o  t h o s e  w h o  d r e a m,
t h e r e  i s  n o  s u c h  p l a c e  a s  f a r a w a y. "
- R a c h e l  A s h w e l l

I am an artist and creative living with my husband and two babes in Southern Oregon, with a light filled and delicate aesthetic. Photography is such a beautiful art especially when portraits look like a painting. I am humbled and grateful to see the world through the lens of my camera. The simple elegances of life and fashion are my favorite captures. Details make me swoon. 

Currently I am taking editorial and family photos sessions, creating, cooking French food, antiquing and enjoying simple living with my darling children (Ella and Zach), our four chickens (Miss Lily, Juliet, Coo Coo and Remmy) and one fluffy bunny (Timber). 

Feel free to contact me at info@megfish.com! Find out more about the products I offer with each session here.

You can view my blog for recent posts HERE.

Meg Fish Photography has been published on Wedding Chicks, Bajan Wed, 100 Layer Cakelet and Brides.com as well as in several print publications.