Santa Barbara has the most beautiful and temperate climate all year … and then there is June. The clouds creep over the hills and the shores fill with mist and the sky darkens over our sunlit city. June is the month for weddings and vacations and the end of school! And yet we lay hidden under the fog like a secret kingdom. Some of us may drive over the pass to the valley where the sun is almost certainly going to show it’s face. Others revel in the quiet mornings and drink their tea. But I wouldn’t say the landscape is any less rich in beauty during this special month. The Jacaranda trees are in full bloom already, dripping their purple petals on anything and everything below. The bright pink and red Bougainvillea climbs up Spanish architecture and drips over walls and gates. It’s as if creation itself is creating it’s own sunshine.

June is a great time to hike the gorgeous trails that line the Riviera all the way down to Carpinteria. The air is cooler and yet warm enough to leave the sweatshirts at home. Runs on the beach are calming as the waves gently brush against the shore. But mornings like this are a bit harder to wake up out of. My husband makes the best cups of coffee in the world but I avoid caffeine. So he lets me smell his steaming cup like a little kid! I try to like tea but without milk and sugar it doesn’t hit the spot. I’ll keep trying… In the meantime mornings like this I drink water and wait for my tummy to rumble. Today warm avocado toast is in the works!


As we cook through our CSA box (Community Supported Agriculture — it’s like the farmer’s market delivered to your door!), my desire is to keep meals simple and highly nutritious. We love our avocados! They make for shiny hair, glowing skin and happy brains. Avocado toast is one of the easiest ways to reinvent your diet starting first thing in the morning. My husband eats this every single day. He never gets tired of it! When it’s chilly outside warm sourdough and avocado hits the spot.


One large slice fresh sourdough bread (or two smaller)
One CSA or farmer’s market avocado

Mash, spread and enjoy!

*We use salt and oil very sparingly. When we stopped using salt the flavor of the foods came alive and we never went back. Oil is a concentrated fat (and goes directly to the hips!) so we rarely use it. Avocado’s fat naturally has Omega-3 and fiber which is exactly what our bodies are looking for!

all images copyright © Meg Fish Photography for THE GLOW SB